sabato 7 novembre 2009

My favourite photo...

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  1. ci credo che è la tua foto preferita! è bellissimissima! ;)

  2. che bella che sei!!! complimenti

  3. I understand why this is your fav photo!!!
    Tu sei bellissima!!!! :D


  4. ooooh I love this photo, i left a long comment on the previous blog entry. go loooooook

  5. THANKS ALL!!!!! grazie a tutte :-)
    Ne sono davvero contenta :-)

  6. Bello il dettaglio del ventaglio in pizzo, sembra quasi una foto d'epoca (*_*).

  7. bellissima questa foto!!sei cosi naturale

  8. Heeeheeee... I was thinking... wow... I love her room, it's so neat and big and nice. thought that there was were you kept your clothes. it's amazing.

    I love disneyland... do you? I watch the princess movies all the time. and i absolutely love it.....

    I have a boyfriend and he is older than me.. he's lovely and worships me. Love him sooooo much for putting up with me.

    I am not a big twitter fan but I am attached to my blackberry so you can email me... my email is

    loveeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuu


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