giovedì 15 novembre 2012

JOIN ROMWE Official Fashion Bloggers in 2013

★ Definitely will get $30 in freebies once you got 2000 fans on your Facebook page(Invalid to existing Romwe bloggers). 
★ Meanwhile you have the chance to be Romwe Official Fashion Blogg

er (Means free clothes direct from our new product lines every month and style ROMWE fashion).
Additional prizes:
1.) The Top Likes Award: 1 winner, $100 in freebies
2.) The Strongest Influence Award: 1 winner, $100 in freebies
3.) The Best Style Girl Award: 1 winner, $100 in freebies
How to get at least $30 in freebies:
1. Gender: female Ages: 15-35
2. Fans of your Facebook page are 2000 or more
3. Upload a photo of you, be clear
4. Fill in all the information correctly in this contest

Valid dates: 11.12 – 11.30.2012

We’ll announce the three winners on 2012.12.03 and contact you to send $30 in freebies if you’re qualified.
We solemnly declared: Any unfair means used by any participants in this contest will be regarded as invalid. Romwe will never ever collaborate with people who are insincere.
If you have 2000 fans on your fanpage, click here to join us >>

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GRAZIE per essere passati di qui :D
Leggere un vostro commento è sempre un piacere per me :D SMACK!

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